Seahawk Blitz joins the Muir Elementary Turkey Trot

It was all smiles and high fives at John Muir Elementary when the Seahawk Blitz joined students at the 17th Annual Turkey Trot. This event took place during lunch recesses and promotes the importance of physical fitness and activity.




Renaissance offers many great benefits to students. Those benefits are facilitated, in large part, with enthusiastic support from parents and families.

Enrolling in Renaissance School represents a three year commitment (if beginning in 6th grade). The curriculum is integrated and designed to span all three grade levels. It is recommended that families contribute $225.00 per student per year as a Family Contribution. Extra projects, activities, and excursions depend upon these Family Contributions, as well as outside grants and nominal student fees. It is also recommended that each Renaisannce student's family contributes twenty-five hours of volunteer service for the first student and an additional 15 hours of volunteer service for the second student attending during the same school year with the school or PTSA.

The Renaissance School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) administers the Family Contribution fund. These funds provide for many school activities and programs, enrichment materials, guest artist visits, and field trips. Scholarship funds are always available to those with demonstrated financial need. (See PTSA bylaws for more information.)