Is RSAR the Right Choice?

Renaissance is not for every middle school student, but it offers great benefits to those who enjoy the focus of the school and who want a small-school atmosphere with big-school support.

Renaissance helped me grow as a student by providing a smaller learning environment for me and my classmates. A smaller classroom provided a better learning environment which prepared me for high school education that normal middle schools could not. Renaissance also benefited me with close friends that I would stick close to for a very long time.

Mason Williamson - RSAR Alumni

Explanation of a Choice School

Choice schools are optional schooling alternatives, created to meet specific needs and interests. They are designed to be smaller and use innovative approaches to education that are different from traditional public schools. Choice schools focus on educational formats such as:

  • Hands-on and project-based learning
  • Multi-age classes integrated curriculum
  • Theme-based learning, using the contexts of the arts, sciences, exploration, etc.
  • Home-schooling partnerships
  • Vocational programs
  • Graduation support

Choice schools are community and staff initiated schools that operate within Lake Washington School District. A set of guiding principles directs the process of planning and managing a choice school.

The Right Choice for Your Child?

Here are some questions for parents to consider in determining if Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning could be a good fit for your child and your family:

  • Is your child willing to participate fully in academically challenging classes and projects?
  • Can your child work independently and initiate the tasks necessary for completing quality work?
  • Is your child ready to participate responsibly in group projects as well as individual work?
  • Is your child a good self-advocate?
  • Is your child willing to participate in visual and performing arts?
  • Does your child have good homework & organizational habits or willingness to improve in these areas.
  • Is your child ready to make new friends in a school that includes students from neighborhoods
    throughout Lake Washington School District?
  • Do you understand that, in accord with district policies, siblings do not have preference in a Choice School admission lottery?
  • Do you support the challenge to Renaissance School students to become involved citizens in their community – and that parents are welcome, too?
  • Is your child willing to take risks to learn and to look at things differently?
  • Do you understand that Renaissance School does not offer an honors program, but welcomes a diverse student population to participate in a rigorous learning environment?
  • Does your child appreciate the value of listening to other’s ideas?
  • Do you understand that enrolling in Renaissance School is a commitment through 8th grade?
  • Do you understand that Renaissance does not conduct traditional fundraisers throughout the year? In lieu of requesting financial support for student activities through fundraisers, Renaissance families are asked to contribute a flat sum of $250 to fund extra projects and field trips.
  • Do you understand that family involvement is highly valued and encouraged at Renaissance? Families are asked to contribute 25 volunteer hours each year at Renaissance.

If you answered yes to these questions, your student may be a good fit for our school. Check out Renaissance School at our information night or call to make an appointment to visit. You are most welcome!