To prepare students for educational and personal success, by providing interdisciplinary, arts-based instruction, that addresses the diverse needs and learning styles of middle-school students.

Vision Statement


RSAR educational experience cultivates life-long learners with critical thinking skills and fosters compassionate, open-minded, independent citizens. 


Renaissance Values:

1. Take Care of Yourself: Be Prepared

  • Come to class on time
  • Bring all required materials
  • Check Power School (Haiku) everyday
  • Turn in completed assignments
  • Follow teacher directions, classroom procedures and school policies

2. Take Care of Others: Be Empathetic

  • Work quietly so all can concentrate on their work
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and negative comments to yourself
  • Be kind, helpful and friendly to others

3. Take Care of Our School: Be Responsible

  • Keep tables clean
  • Return materials to the proper place
  • Leave our classroom neat and tidy
  • Treat our classroom and materials gently

4. Take ownership of your learning: Be Persistent

  • Never give up on making sense of work
  • Take risks; mistakes are part of the learning process
  • Complete and turn work in on time
  • Ask for help