Mission Statement

Renaissance was founded in 2006 by teachers who envisioned an engaging and challenging academic environment that would meet the needs of middle school students.

The Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning is a Lake Washington School District "Choice School" serving 6th through 8th grade students. Students develop in an environment of artistry, rigor and warmth. Students learn to think and act using multiple approaches and perspectives. Students are known and nurtured as important individuals who have an active concern for their community and society.

Renaissance School's core purpose is to engage students in an academically rigorous and challenging environment to support their personal and future success through:

  • Providing interdisciplinary, arts-based instruction
  • Addressing the diverse needs and learning styles of our students
  • Fostering a safe, inclusive, and collaborative learning environment
  • Utilizing family volunteers and community resources to enrich students' learning experiences
  • Holding students accountable for their learning

Academic Learning and Reasoning Processes

Student learning is integrated around critical thinking themes: Perception, Elaboration, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, and Collaborative Inquiry. Students leverage critical thinking and collaboration skills along with understandings from the disciplines to pursue questions about their world and to increase their capacity to generate knowledge, relationships, and actions that influence positive change in their communities. Problems, conclusions, and decisions are evaluated and challenged through the use of five reflective questions:

  1. What possible points of view are there? (Perspective)
  2. How do we know? (Evidence)
  3. What difference does it make? (Relevance)
  4. Does this relate to something else? (Connections)
  5. What if assumptions were changed? (Supposition)