The Renaissance School is proud to serve and to educate students from the entire Lake Washington School District. Parents have a number of transportation options available to get student to the Renaissance School.

Choice School Transportation Options

Parents of students who attend choice schools are responsible for transporting their child to the school.

Choice schools release students early on Wednesdays to make time for teacher planning, conferencing, and district meetings. Renaissance students are released at 12:30pm and are expected to be off campus by 1:00. All Renaissance School parents are responsible for their child’s transportation on Wednesdays since the neighborhood bus does not run on the same schedule as Renaissance School on Wednesday afternoons.

Many families choose to carpool with other Renaissance School students and some students take advantage of the Metro bus system for transportation.

School Bus Information

Renaissance students can ride the Eastlake High School buses. However, times may differ between the two schools on certain dates and the buses follow Eastlake's schedule, so parents need to be prepared for alternate transportation on those days. To find regular school bus routes that may service your neighborhood, click the School & Bus Finder link in the upper right corner.