Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is an all school camp for the purpose of enriching student learning through a unique outdoor classroom experience, community building, leadership training, goal setting and outdoor recreation.

The 2016-17 outdoor education experience will be held at the Naturebridge Camp at Olympic National Park (see Naturebridge website for more details, or check out their video, a student video, or download the powerpoint).).

Packing information for Camp will be distributed before camp.

Important Notes for Parents to Share with Students

RSAR Dress Codes apply on all school trips; including outdoor education.

Check Students Gear: Please check student gear prior to sending them to school. For the safety and well-being of individuals and the group it is extremely important that students bring the ESSENTAL ITEMS listed in the packing information checklist. Weather is unpredictable and we must prepare for rain, wind, cold, and/or sun. All items should be clearly marked with each student's name.

Lost & Found items will be available at the Dining Hall through departure on Friday. They will then be kept at the RSAR office for one month prior to being donated to Goodwill.

Behavior Expectations: There is no pranking tolerated at camp. Pranking, or playing mean-spirited practical jokes and tricks, is counter to the objectives of Renaissance School outdoor education. Pranking is adversarial. It pits students against each other for the sole purpose of making someone uncomfortable for looking foolish. It hurts feelings and alienates. It is the opposite of team building.

The rules of school apply to camp. the teachers will determine the consequences for anyone who treats another camper, or their property, with disrespect. Campers include staff and parent volunteers. Students can, and will, be sent home for unacceptable behavior.

No one is to enter a dormitory other than their own. Boys may not enter the girls' dorm, Girls may not enter the boys' dorm. There are no exceptions to this. The dormitories are gender separated and for the exclusive use of the students and the chaperones assigned there.