School Dances

Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning has four dance parties per year. These are for all RSAR students and their guests.

Renaissance School Dances

A student dance committee is formed at the beginning of each year to plan themes, music, decorations and more.

In order to plan accurately for the number of students attending our dances, and in order for us to ensure the safety of our students, we have some specific guidelines regarding our dances:

  • Dance tickets must be pre-purchased. No tickets are sold at the door.
  • Dance tickets are sold on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday prior to the dance.
    Students must purchase their own and guest dance ticket.
  • One middle school guest per student is permitted, with a signed Parent Permission Form, available where tickets are sold.
  • Students only receive the discounted ASB ticket price if they show their ASB card at time of the ticket purchase. Price is $5.00 with ASB membership.
  • To enter the dance, students must present their ticket.
  • Students must observe the school dress code at the dance. Students dressed inappropriately will not be admitted.
  • Students are expected to dance in an appropriate manner (no bumping, grinding, or moshing).
  • Students arriving after 7:00 pm must be accompanied to the door by a parent; students wishing to leave the dance prior to 9:00 pm must be picked up at the door by a parent.
  • Students must be present at school the day of the dance for at least half the day in order to be eligible to attend the dance.
  • If students purchase dance tickets and lose them, they may be admitted to the dance (if verification of a dance ticket is made).
  • Students who did not purchase tickets will not be admitted to the dance.
  • Only Renaissance students and their guests, who have Parent Consent Forms, will be admitted to the dance.
  • Students should have their ride prearranged to pick them up promptly at 9:00 pm.