Absence | Late Arrival | Early Dismissal
Please call or email by 8:30 AM if your student will be absent.


Attendance Line: 425-936-1591 ~ our attendance line is a voicemail system and available 24/7.

Too sick for School:


Important information about attending and missing school.


Sickness is considered a valid excuse for an absence. If other circumstances require a student’s absence, parents must contact the school in advance. In the case of serious illness or emergencies, please notify the school at (425) 936-1544 by 8:30 a.m. Absence from school or class without the knowledge and consent of either parents or school authorities is truancy. A written excuse or phone call from a parent is needed for any student who has to leave campus during the school day. Parents or authorized designee must sign out any student leaving during the day. The sign-out process takes place with the Renaissance School main office.

Please try to schedule all personal appointments (e.g., doctor, dentist, orthodontist) on Wednesday afternoons. Most of the work of students is directly related to class discussions, peer and teacher feedback during class, and material presented in class. It is very difficult to replicate this learning.


Students arriving late must check in the main office. If there is a legitimate reason for being late to school, the parent must call, email or send a written explanation within 24 hours. If a student arrives more than 20 minutes late and is not excused, it is considered a skip. Students are expected to be in their classrooms on time and prepared to begin working. Chronic tardiness, whether excused or unexcused, is a disruption to the learning environment of all students. Teachers will maintain records of student tardiness. An excessive number of tardies will result in a conference with teachers and/or principal to problem solve.

Picking Up Early

Students leaving before dismissal time should take a note to the Renaissance main office in the morning. They will receive an early dismissal slip to give to the classroom teacher. While it is understood that occasionally an unexpected situation will arise, requiring a note to be delivered to a student, it is a disruption to the class when this occurs.

Pre- Arranged Absence Form

If your student will be absent for 5 consecutive days or more, please print and complete the Pre- Arranged Absence Form and submit to the main office no later than two weeks prior to the absence(s).