Supply List

2023- 2024 School Year

The following are common supplies we will use at the Renaissance School. There may be subject-specific incidental items to be purchased as the school year unfolds.

Purchasing items on this list will ensure that your student will be ready for the beginning of school. There will be periodic inventories of supplies throughout the year. Having all supplies necessary every day is an important component of school success! We work hard to reinforce with the students to value the supplies that you provide them for school.

 Renaissance Student Supply List

2023- 2024 School Year

Guild Class Supplies (should drop these supplies off at back-to-business)  For your guild teacher.

·         Two tissue boxes per student

·         One 10 oz bottle of hand sanitizer or more

·         A box of 12 class pencils already sharpened

·         Scotch tape refill

·         Sticky Note Stack

·         Vinyl erasers one box

·         A Box of File folders

·          1 ream printer paper

·         1 pair of adult scissors

·         Blue painter’s tape 1 roll

General Individual Student Materials (should have these items the first day of school)

·        Backpack with multiple pockets

·        6th graders expected to use Renaissance School Planner provided

·        7th and 8th graders may choose to use the Renaissance School Planner provided or purchase an academic calendar of their choosing – make sure there is a place to record assignments daily

·        Either a 7 pocket accordion folder to hold loose papers or 7 individual pocket folders

·        Pencil holder to be kept in backpack or carried by your student

·        2 blue or black ball point or gel pens

·         2 pencils with erasers (mechanical is ok as long as you have a supply of lead) 

·        4 highlighters, pink, green, yellow, blue

·        Reusable water bottle

Visual Arts

**$ class fee (Hardbound sketch book included)

·        4 ultra-fine tip Sharpie, black

·         1 set good quality-colored pencils, 24 pencils (i.e. Prisma Colors)

·        1 set drawing pencils (i.e., Faber Castell, 6 –12 pencils, hardness, range 2B – 4H)

·        2 vinyl erasers (Sanford or Staedtler)

·        2 large glue sticks

·        (optional) 1 water color set

·        1 roll of masking tape 2 inch

Math and Science

·       1 Graphing Composition notebook: this is required

·       1 calculator, scientific (i.e., Casio FX-260, Texas Instruments 30X IIS Solar)

·       1 package of c batteries and 1 package of D batteries

·       1 roll of white masking tape 1 inch

·       Science class fee:

Performing Arts

         Black shirt or Renaissance shirt

          Black shorts/workout pants/sweats/joggers/leggings

          Black shoes (shoes without tread, such as all-black Vans, Converse, or jazz shoes)

         NOTE: The makeup kit does not need to be purchased right away.  Also understand that the makeup for stage is different than makeup for every day.  If a student would like to use daily makeup for stage, it is imperative that the make up is worn heavier and a shade darker.

 Individual Student Stage Makeup Kit - You may go to A Masquerade Costume in Redmond and ask to get color tested for a Ben Nye Creme Personal Makeup Kit.  They also have other brands so I encourage you to go check-in there even if you want to ultimately buy your kit online so that you can know exactly what color pallet to get for your student.  Your student will be able to use this kit for the three years they are a Renaissance Student.  

Makeup bag

Makeup sponges – wedges are most versatile

Disposable eye makeup applicators

Ben Nye Makeup removal

Safety pins

Hair ties

Stage bag